From: 45,000.00

  • Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Camera: Main camera: 13 MP with AutoFocus and Dual tone LED Flash, 5MP Front Camera
  • Screen: 5″ Full HD Display
  • Memory: 2GB RAM, 16, 32GB Internal Memory, Expandable to 128GB with MicroSD card
  • Battery: 2600 mAh Battery
  • Processor: 2GHz Quad-Core
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HTC one M8
The HTC One M8 is the new Android flagship device that has it all, no competition. If you want an Android device that is way ahead of the others in terms of design and functionality, then here you go!

Let’s get you familiar with it features and specifications – Here is an Overview:

The Body
The exterior of the HTC One M8 is sleek, attractive and durable. The edges are more round compared to older HTC models and it is 100% metallic which makes it easy to hold and feels comfortable. The power button at the top makes it easier to operate with your index finger, and the headphone jack at the bottom makes it easier to fit into your pocket without damaging the cord of the headphones. It fits into your hands perfectly and is also suitable for one-handed usage. It comes with an audio beat inbuilt software placed at the top and bottom of the phone which gives you a stereo effect when listening to music without using headphones.

Constructed To Astonish

The HTC One (M8) features a bold, brushed, smooth metal design. Compact and neatly stacked internal components allow a mere 9.35mm (0.37”) thin construction and a curved, ergonomic shape that fits into your palm with ease.

Complete TV control

TV + phone integration at your fingertips:

TV control
The phone comes with an inbuilt TV remote control software that makes it easy for you to handle your channels with no stress. This innovation from HTC gives a complete sense of comfort and convenience when using the phone.

  • Graphics-based program guide: find shows fast.
  • Intelligent remote: uses viewing preferences to suggest new shows you might like.
  • HTC Sense TV Sports: what channel the game’s on, scores and stats streaming, and more.
  • Social feeds: real-time posts about the show you’re watching.

Real-time sports updates

HTC Sense TV Sports keeps you tuned in with updates from your favorite team no matter where you are.

Fans can stay connected with real time sport updates:

Enjoy real time updates on the HTC One M8 as it is the best recommended phone for sport lovers. Think of those moments of when you are probably stock in traffic and cannot get home in time to watch the game live on TV, the real time sports update is right for you. Get to know the live scores of football games, basketball games and what not, also get to know what is trending in the personal lives of your favourite sport athletes.

  • Channel notices: find what channel the game’s on.
  • Real-time scoring updates: up-to-the-minute alerts.
  • Stat feeds: every play, every score, every stat.
  • Live social feeds: posts about the game you’re watching.

Stay connected, informed and be the ultimate fan with HTC Sense TV Sports!

HTC BoomSound

The HTC BoomSound is an innovation no other mobile phone can match. With the beats audio, you get crystal clear sound when listening to music or watching movies and you still get to enjoy the sound even from afar.

Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers

It is pretty simple, HTC thinks you should Project sound at yourself, not away. While other competitors build backside speakers that direct audio away from you, HTC’s innovative front-facing speaker design optimizes your music, videos, and games as you watch at the highest quality possible.

Built-In Amps

Boost volume to the most impressive levels, maximizing the HTC One M8’s massive .85cc top speaker chamber and .80cc bottom speaker chamber size. HTC’s proprietary membrane excursion direct control optimizes volume and bass that makes your music thump.

Bass-To-Treble Balancing Software

Distortion-free, clear sound as durable as it is impressive. Temperature sensing control automatically lowers power to protect against speaker damage for long-lasting use.

Complete Panoramas

Simple tilt controls and leveling line help you capture the entire view. Impressive 180° x 360° views are a click away with Pan 360.

Refocus Your Results

Next-generation photo tools: remove blurry results, take bigger panoramic pics, and add breathtaking effects with one touch.

Store your night Life

A few extra pixels don’t mean better Images – larger pixels do. The HTC One (M8) features UltraPixels twice the average size to capture over 300% more light. Finally, remember the night like you’ve always wanted.


Get up-to-date in an instant. Enjoy social posts, breaking news, sports updates and more – all based on what you like, all in one place. Life’s always happening. So is HTC BlinkFeed.


SKU                                                        HTC One M8

Product Line                                        Leena Communications

 Weight (kg)                                         0.3

Colour                                                   Grey

Display Size (inches)                         5.0

Hard Disk (GB)                                  32

Internal Memory(GB)                       2

CPU Speed (GHz)                              2.00

Processor Type                                   Quad Core

Megapixels                                          13.0

Operating System                              android

Display Features                                Full HD

Features                                               GSM

Product warranty                               7 days warranty

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